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Ask These Questions Before Hiring a Handyman

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Ask These Questions Before Hiring a Handyman

Alright, so you’ve decided you need a handyman to help with some things around your home or office, but before you hire someone it’s important to know that they’re the right person for the job. Here are the questions you should be asking before hiring a handyman.

Are you Licenced?

You need to be asking any potential contractor if they are certified in their field of expertise. Most states will have licences for qualified tradesmen that they can supply to potential hires as proof of a qualified skill holder.

Do you have any references?

You wouldn’t hire an employee or staff member without first checking their references, and your handyman should be the same. Look into their past clients to see how their experience went and to what quality the work was completed with.

Can I please have a quote first?

You should know what their hourly rate is and what their estimate on how long the job will take prior to them starting. Don’t get trapped with giant hidden costs. Know upfront what they are charging you! A quoted estimate should be given to you in writing as part of a contract.

Is your work guaranteed?

A guarantee means that if something is wrong he will come back and redo it or fix it. Most good handyman will typically do this to prove they are a great, trustworthy and quality service, but it still is a good idea to get it in writing.

If your office or place of business has some minor or major repairs that need attending to, let Grey Army QLD’s handyman fix them up, so you can make the best first impression to your friends, family, customers or clients. Our local handymen service all areas of the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Logan and Brisbane.

Handyman services have changed over the years to encompass so much more. Now our handymen are equipped to take on a variety of projects, including: general repairs, garden maintenance, high pressure cleaning, refurbishments, roof repairs, rubbish removal, tiling, painting and much more.


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