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Success Guide to Become a Sub Contractor

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Success Guide to Become a Sub-Contractor

So, you’re thinking about becoming a sub-contractor? After all, it will mean more clients and less time… right? Here’s some advice on how you can navigate the world of sub-contracting in order to make it a success.

The Truth About Sub-Contracting

The biggest benefit of becoming a sub-contractor is undeniably the fact that you no longer have to spend all of your time and a considerable amount energy on scouting for potential clients, now they are handed to you. From there, it is simply up to you to negotiate the project and establish a locked in job.

However, as a sub-contractor the downside is that you no longer have complete control over the project. The prime contractor or contracted company may approach or action business differently than you do, and this may cause disagreements in how best to deal with a client. Ultimately, the prime contractor will have the final say and you must be prepared to present a united front.

If you are prepared to be agreeable and work with your prime contractor then the benefits of sub-contracting are numerous. This includes the incredible flexibility such a position provides. You will be able to work in a way that suits your personal circumstances and time constraints precisely. It will also provide a very diverse work life, in that you will be sub-contracted to work on a variety of jobs across multiple locations all while meeting new people and new companies.

Over the years, the Grey Army has become a significant force in the home and property maintenance market. The comfort, security and service provided by the Grey army team, creates a strong preference for our services. We are always looking for new, dependable, skilled workers.

If you have skills as a plumber, handyman, painter, electrician or carpenter or other skilled trade, and you are interested in being part of the Grey Army QLD team, give us a call for more information.

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