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Tips to Choose the Best Local Service Contractors

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Tips to Choose the Best Local Service Contractors

Sometimes it’s a necessity and others it’s just good sense to hire a professional rather than DIY. However, choosing the right contractor can be difficult. Here are some tips on how to choose the best local service contractor for the job.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

A contractor can potentially be in your home for days, weeks or even month, so you need to make sure that on your initial meeting you feel comfortable with them. You need to be OK with having them in your home, around your family and among your things. If you feel unsure about them and are doubting whether they felt right or not, trust your gut and book in to meet another contractor.

Make Sure They’re Licensed

Every skilled trade – be it plumber, painter, carpenter, handyman, electrician, etc. – will have specific regulations on licencing and insurance that they must have in order work in their industry. You need to ensure that they are up-to-date on all of their licensing and insurance prior to accepting the quote.

Be Specific About Who You Call

You wouldn’t call a plumber about painting, nor a carpenter about your electricity. You need to make sure you are calling the right person for the job in order to make sure it is done right. Research what it is you need done, find out what specialised trade that task falls under and call the correct contractor in to give you a quote. If you have more than one task that fall under different categories, you should be calling in more than one experienced tradesman as it’s the best way to ensure your job is completed with quality and skill.

Local is Better

Hiring local contractors is always a better option than sourcing them from outside areas, simply because if they didn’t do great work in the community they wouldn’t still be around. Word of mouth is a major factor in skilled trades and most will be striving to provide excellent, quality work to have their clients recommend them to local friends and family. Plus, as they have done past local work you can more easily check into their references and ensure their skill level meets your expectations.

When it comes to plumbing, carpentry, general handyman work, painting and electricians, nothing can substitute experience. At Grey Army QLD, all of our local Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Logan based trades people are 45 years and over, so you can expect a wealth of knowledge, experience and that great old-fashioned touch.

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