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Top 10 Bathroom Renovation Tips

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 Top 10 Bathroom Renovation Tips

You’ve finally decided to renovate your old bathroom, but know you have to consider all of the decisions and expenses that come with it. Here are our top ten tips to help you prepare for your bathroom renovation.

 1. Windows

Most people overlook windows during their renovation, but often old homes have windows in very odd places (like right above the toilet where neighbours can see you). It might be the perfect time to consider moving the window, or at the very least installing frosted glass?

2. Toilet

If the window is in a funny spot, but can’t be moved, then maybe moving the toilet instead is a better option. You should consult with a plumber about the pipes and plumbing involved. Even if you are keeping the toilet in the same spot, but upgrading it to a newer one you should still consult with a plumber about the correct fixings and trap sizes, etc.

3. Flooring

The floor tile doesn’t always have to be different than the wall tile, or always the same. In the tiling world, there is endless design possibilities! Consider border tiles, contrasting tiles, grout colours, monochrome, bold, colourful or natural design choices. Consult with your tiler who can provide advice and maybe even some inspiration. No matter what tile you choose though, make sure that it is water-resistant.

4. Wall

Don’t discount the basics. If your Gyprock is chipped or damaged, replace it! It is also a great option to consider, as once it is removed you can see the skeleton and framework of the bathroom and double check that everything is in good condition and the correct placement.

5. Painting

In the bathroom, you need to ensure that no mater your paint colour it is a water-resistant type. A qualified painter can help you make sure you are selecting the right paint, as well as give your bathroom the pristine looking finish it deserves (as there’s nothing worse than a bad paint job!).

6. Décor

If you’ve picked your bits and bobs and finishing fixtures to add to your completed renovation, but don’t be too hasty to DIY. Especially when needing to drill into walls, tiles, etc. there are going to be special tools, drill bits, safety measures and a certain level of skill required in order to do this correctly. A handyman is a good option to consider, as they would have all of the tool and skills you need to make sure your towel bar will actually hold a towel, and your toilet roll holder doesn’t loosen and twist. With everything done right down to the last little detail, it will be a bathroom you’ll want to show off.

7. Exhaust Fan

Another often overlooked item that is essential to the durability of your new bathroom. A lot of really old bathrooms won’t already have one in place, so you’re going to need to work out where you can create a hole through to the exterior through the ceiling. Being able to expel all that moist air is going to save you loads of time, money and aggravation down the track.

8. Shower

While chatting to your plumber about your toilet, talk to him about possible shower options. Maybe you want to turn your current shower into a bath and shower, or vice versa. Will it be open or enclosed? Where will the shower head and taps be placed? Discuss all of this with your plumber prior to starting your renovation in order to make sure everything is put into place correctly for what you want.

9. Budget

There’s nothing worse than unexpectedly running out of money, especially if you are partway through a big project like a bathroom renovation! Make sure you get quotes for everything (in writing) and budget accordingly prior to starting. Plan for the unexpected, and make sure that you have some wiggle room in your budget for surprise expenses (because they are bound to happen!).

10. Get Experts

Making sure that you are spending your money on qualified and skilled tradesmen is going to go a long way in saving you time and money. A professional, highly-skilled tradesman is going to guarantee a job well done with a superb quality finish. There’s nothing worse than a badly done job that you will have to find someone else to redo later!

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